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Zuhair Murad Couture SS ‘13

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A mori girl wearing black but not looking very “dark mori”. I think it is her rosy cheeks, red lips, and youthful show of collarbones that steers this coord away from a more mature gothic feel.

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John Galliano FW 2009


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There is something silently rebellious over having an “ideal” figure—slim, young, feminine—and choosing to wear a shapeless, stumpifying sack. I love that the top of this dress is fitted to the girl’s arms and lies close to the skin on her shoulders before just letting gravity take over after the bust; it’s almost a tease. Her simply styled hair and prim leggings and flats also seem to say, “yes, I know you think I should be beautiful. I also know I am my own, and I have made my choice”.

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Going to a theater flea market! :D

Cardigan is from Sheinside, everything else is thrifted

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My Jellies came!! All silver glitter today (though the camera didn’t pick up the dress very well)
Today I’m going to the grand Danish castle of Kronborg to make costumes for their guides! It’s the costume designer I work for who’s got the job obviously, but I help out :D We already made both jackets and pants, the most intricate and amazing rennaiscance outfits <3

Jellis from ebay, everything else is thrifted

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Hi Lovelies <3 

I’m sharing a quick tutorial on how to modify some accessories to fit your body type. I am plus-sized and over six feet tall so I have quite the time finding cute additions to my Lolita and Mori style outfits. For my first Mori Girl outfit, I needed a leather belt to help define my waist and a cute pair frilly socks to peak out of my new boots!

Let’s start with the belt. This is a $5 thrift store find about four inches too small, but just the style I wanted. 


By adding a couple strips of 1” elastic to the back, I was able to create a belt fit just for me.

Here is the type of needle I use to sew my leather. Don’t just use your regular universal needles. These are specially engineered to work with leather. Also, remember to go nice and slow!

Here she is all done. This belt is designed to be worn under a sweater, so I don’t have to worry about people seeing the elastic in the back.


On to sock cuffs! I adore frilly socks, but believe me finding them for ladies size 13 feet is nigh impossible. My solution was to take a pair I found at winners..


And perform some minor operation.


Now I have sock cuffs I can slide over my leggings, and arrange just inside of my boots to make them look like the real thing!


Hope this gave you guys some ideas to try. Remember, street fashion is about expressing yourself and your style. Take what you like and make it yours. <3

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Lace collar: Taobao
Cardigan: KappAhl
Dress: Dearli
Skirt: Forest Girl Fans
Bag: Axes Femme
Shoes: H&M